At Noon EDT on Saturday, September 25, as Franklin Graham led a Prayer March in Washington D. C., members of Redeemer Lutheran Church joined our Country in prayer...

“America is in trouble. Our communities are hurting, our people are divided, and there is fear and uncertainty all around us. Let’s join together and do the most important thing: pray!”

--Franklin Graham

That we may humble ourselves,

Please - Forgive our sins and heal our land

For - Security and peace for our nation, praying for all who provide security and their families

For - Renewed strength in Families, solutions to COVID

For - Our President, Vice President, and their families

For - Respect and Reconciliation between Races

To stand firm with the Word of God

For - Our National, State and Local Leaders and their families

Dear Heavenly Father,

We pray...

In the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


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